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Ideal for:

  • Home and office Data Security
  • Old Data Backups & Archives
  • Failed burns/Coaster discs
  • Businesses / IT Professionals
  • Medical Records(HIPAA compliant)
  • Accountants/Financial Records

The Compact Disc Eraser - A greater value than motorized machines costing $40 to $300!

Consumer alert: Shredders are dangerous!

Heavy-duty CD shredders can only shred a few hundred discs before the shredding teeth or the motor wears out. Discs get jammed and the shredder needs regular oiling. The Disc Eraser lasts over 3,000 operations, never jams, and requires no oiling or cleanup.

Fun sliding operation takes less than 2 seconds per disc! Although only 1 strip is required to disable a disc, multiple strips may be produced by rotating the disc. Make neat star patterns on your disc!

The Disc Eraser and its byproduct, an intact disc, is 100% safe to handle. Unlike breaking or shredding, there are no sharp fragments or metallic dust to clean up after.
No gears or sharp components - The Disc Eraser's unique microelement design is safe to the touch, even for a curious 2 year old.

The Disc Eraser works on all types of CDs, DVDs and BDs: RW,ROM,RAM,+R,R,
+RW,-RW,DL,mini,pocket,card shaped, and special shaped discs.

Only 6 inches in length, 2 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick, and weighing only 1.5 oz, the Disc Eraser can be carried in your pocket or laptop case and stores easily without cluttering up your desk or office space. Also great for travel and business trips, the Disc Eraser is airport-safe.

The Disc Eraser safely wipes out CDs and DVDs without creating ANY waste material. Other disc destruction methods generate eWaste in the form of shredded and fragmented materials. Because CD recycling requires an intact disc, shredded fragments get dumped as eWaste, which doesn't biodegrade over time.

The Disc Eraser is the first and only device that promotes Recycling by leaving your disc INTACT. Simply dispose your discs in any plastics recycling bin.

No cleanup mess, no fuss!

Why shred?
Recycle instead!

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